Monday, 13 September 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

This is my first ever blog and I am pretty psyched about doing it, so I hope you enjoy.

I love reading and looking at pictures of tops, jumpsuits, scarves, nail polish, you name it, I look! So what better way to share what I find that I love as well as things I've bought that I love. I'm always one for a bargain, so I will be sharing with you everything I find that is from the bargain bin, however I am a sucker for one or two designer pieces, so I'll be posting all sorts as sometimes a key piece that costs a lot is defo worth it as it usually lasts you forever!

Even better! I'd love you to comment with any bargains you've found that you love or even something that's priced lower than what I've managed to find. I'll apologise now if a lot of things are creams, nudes and pinks as I am obsessed and I love my clothes rail full of white and creams, makes it look classic and vintage, even if it's not ;D!

First off.....

ASOS Cowl Neck Jersey Dress
Was - £20
Now - £17
Such a bargain for a gawjuss nude dress. I bought this recently and team it with a thin weaved tanned belt and nude heels.

River Island Beige Cowl Neck Top
This Cowl Neck Top (I swear I'm not obsessed with cowl necks :S, well maybe I am :D) to be fair it looks a thousand times better than what it looks on the website. I team this with skinny light jeans and brown wedges. This looks great if your a fan of a major mini dress, as the material is slightly gathered at the bottom. So technically £24.99 for a two way piece is a bargain!

Rococo Nail Polish
In a gawjuss range of colours.
Space NK and probably anywhere online!

Now I know this is a large price tag for a nail polish and usually I pay out £25 for gels but this is brill for the in between skint weeks we all have. Not only does it come in a billion different colours, but the packaging is so nice and the bottle has a funky little shape. Plus it took a few days to chip unlike a couple of hours for my normal nail polish. Buuuut....for those of you that are Chanel fans or obsessed people this is the exact shade as the Chanel Jade

This is my favourite colour, JADED! Not only is it amazing, but it's the same as the mega popular Chanel colour that is pretty much sold out everywhere! Plus you save a mega 18.49!!!

ASOS Pastel Colour Block Tote
Don't really have to say much other than a mega huge bag to fit all your stuff in for only £22.00. Bought this for my Mum for her birthday and it looks mega expensive which I lurve :D!!!!

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