Saturday, 6 November 2010

And so, there it was...

...the perfect shirt that I'de been searching for, for months!


Viscose Grandad Shirt in Stone


Is it me or is Topshop's Autumn/Winter wear always to die for!

I could spend endless amounts of money on Topshops Knitwear range, from their dresses to their socks, their Shoe collection, wedges, boots, pumps! But even more than that, their Shirts and Blouses are so amazing, I may have to just live my winter in the amazing autumn colours of long sleeved, short sleeved, sheer, meshed, grandad shirts and just be brave and bare the cold! (Think it's worth it, don't you).

Here's the best of a brilliant bunch from yes you guessed it....TOPSHOP!

Mesh Cape Shirt

Tab Short Sleeved Shirt


Long Sleeve Shoulder Detail Blouse


Silk Tab Placket Shirt


Silk Long Sleeved Shirt
I think you'll all agree how amazing these shirts are for smart casualwear. I team mine with mega tight skinnies or jeggings, with nude heels or wedges and leave a couple of buttons undone ;D!
Have any of you bought some sleek shirts yet??

Monday, 4 October 2010

21st Birthday Celebrations....

OMG, I'm officially old! Well, I know I'm not really, I still feel like a kid pretending to go to work when I actually do go to work, pretending to use all these credit cards when I actually am spending! I swear I'm still 18 really!

Got some gawjuss birthday bits....

Beautiful flowers...

Had an amazing trip down to Manchester with all my lovely friends, stayed in a gawjuss apartment! Went to some wicked places. All you bloggers that love a good shop,

Plus a few buys from the past week...

River Island Skinny Trousers


(teamed with last December's furry River Island boots)

Topshop smock/dress.


Plus I got this gawjuss vanity case for my birthday, filled with all the sour goodies below!

It's been a mega hectic week, but it's been perfect! Gaucho's with my family, eating some mega huge steak, shopping, away partying with my friends and not forgetting all my gifts, from my gawjuss Louis V Speedy, House of Harlow Necklace, Hermes Purse, Chanel Lippy, GHD Gift Set, Military Coat and so much more, shame it had to end really!!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Burberry @ NYFW

New York Fashion Week

Burberry Prorsum

I'm not sure how strongly everyone feels about leather, especially leather jackets, but I'm slightly obsessed, whether they have fur, studs, feathers, you name it I love it!

Which is why I've decided to do a post on Burberry Prorsums new line of leathers. Strutting down the catwalks in New York, they came in all shapes and sizes, cropped gillets, studded snakeskins, but my favourite has to be the leather sleeved belted trench, I WANT IT!!

With Paris Fashion Week starting tomorrow I'm sure there will be hundreds of things on our wish lists, but for now it's clear that the stand out trends so far in fashion week have been:

Pleats - As seen at House of Holland

Prints - As seen at Erdem and the good ol Vivienne Westwood.

Feathers - As seen at Betty Jackson (think this line had every trend going, beautiful).

Shorts - As seen everywhere from John Rocha, Betty Jackson & Twenty8Twelve.

As if looking at all of this wasn't enough, I have to then swoon over all the celebs in the front rows and drool over their beautifullness!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

At Laaaaaaaast.....

H&M Goes Online!

Considering they opened their 1st store a staggering 63 years ago, have 2000 stores in 37 different countries and have 76,000 employers, you'd have thought H&M would have grasped hold of the whole Internet thing a while ago.

However I am no where near complaining, as someone who uses her well earned lunch hour at work to click through the online shopping sites we have to choose from, I am more than thrilled to add these to my favourites bar.

I always find that when I'm out shopping I always discover hidden gems in this store and now I don't even have to leave the house to get them!

With their range from Women's, Men's, Teenager's, Children, Accessories, Cosmetics and Footwear this is a loved and well known brand that is not only there for the well priced basics but for the chic work wear and cosy yet luxurious laid back items.

Here are some of the new collection pieces that are now available online for us to buy and drool over. Let's face it, what on earth took them so long.....

Top - £7.99

Top - £9.99

Top £14.99

Blouse £19.99

Jeans - £19.99

Poncho - £14.99

Top - £14.99

Coat - £34.99

Cardie - £7.99

Dress - £12.99

Belt - £14.99

Aviator - £24.99

Tunic - £14.99

Tights - £6.99

Shoes - £24.99
I think you will all agree that this is a pretty good start to their new online gadget!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The New Reality Celebs...

Our world has become full and obsessed with the whole 'reality show' saga. My statement sounds as if I mean it in a negative, but I assure you I don't. I live for reality shows and thank God for Sky+ otherwise Series Recording The Hills, The City, Pretty Wild, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (my list is endless), would stop me from watching these shows in awe.

Some shows get criticized due to the amount of drama that occurs, "it must be scripted" they say, quite frankly I don't care if it's scripted or not, IT IS BRILLIANT! As a true follower of The Hills, when I watched the last ever episode I was a tad confused as to whether or not the last 6 years of watching this little crew go out, grow up and do pretty much everything rich kids do, was all completely acted out, I gave my self 3 seconds before I thought, again, I don't care, I've loved every second of every episode!

These shows produce so many people who are now incredibly famous and some have gone on to do amazing things and stay normal, however some of these shows produce manufactured, plastic beings, i.e Heidi Montag. Again I find it hard to not love all these people because I just find them hilarious, even Spencer who was an evil genius, who then just turned into an insane crystal freak (who by the way now lives in the UK I hear, WHOOP, I pray we meet one day)! I do feel for Heidi thoug, as from the beginning she was a normal young American girl and to what she is like now is a completely different person from several years ago, sometimes that's normal, obviously I'm no longer at school studying and riding my roller blades outside anymore, but to think the Heidi who was once introduced to us on our screens years ago would undergo 10 surgeries in one day, I wouldn't have gueesed it. That is the price of fame for you, however I do believe that it doesn't turn all people into bubblegumpop freaks, instead these shows occasionally turn out, beautiful, elegant, down to earth, stylish beings, a la Lauren Conrad!

Now I could talk about this amazing woman for days on end. Not only is her style completely impeccable but as a person she is so nice! Throughout watching The Hills she came across friends who came and went, but she always made new ones, to this day I only think the genuine one was Whitney Port, I even had my doubts on Lo, but I could be wrong. Lauren has brought out a style book and a string of story books she has written herself. I would buy almost anything of hers, as I believe everything she picks just looks completely flawless. She would be one of the celebs that I would like to meet the most out of all my little obsessions! This/She is why I love all these reality shows, they have taken over our era and I think no matter how many shows are filmed, aired, viewed, as long as there is one person out of a pack of thousands that comes out and has done what Miss Conrad has done, then I am more than happy for our T.V screens to be taken over completely by them......well as long as The Hills is put on loop (not sure my Mum could stand their whingy voices)!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thee Olivia Palermo...


The locks, the clothes, the attitude, THE LOT!

I look precariously at so many celebs pictures, attempting to recreate their hair, make-up, clothes, THEIR LIFE, failing pretty much each time, making me feel pretty inadequate, but then when I see the odd picture of them with a huge sweat patch or the old cabbage in the tooth scenario, greasy hair, crack on show, any body part on show in fact, it makes me feel that tad bit better and think WOW THEY ARE NORMAL!

This girl is perfect, it's as if she is descended from heaven each morning, groomed by gods. I'm amazed by what she wears all the time. From the beginning Olivia had a very prim and proper style, which I think is still her signature look, however slowly but surely I am seeing more casual pictures of her, still working it and kind of making casual have a prim and proper side.

Not only is she the most wanted fashionistas everywhere at the moment, mainly due to her fabulous catty attitude on The City, but as I was flicking through the October 2010 Issue of Marie Claire, The Palermo is only modelling for Hogan :O!! Check her out below in the lush khaki number (SPOT ON YET AGAIN). Is there anything this dainty lass can't do, and yes she has a handsome model boyfriend. I'm not jealous, I swear!