Tuesday, 21 September 2010

At Laaaaaaaast.....

H&M Goes Online!

Considering they opened their 1st store a staggering 63 years ago, have 2000 stores in 37 different countries and have 76,000 employers, you'd have thought H&M would have grasped hold of the whole Internet thing a while ago.

However I am no where near complaining, as someone who uses her well earned lunch hour at work to click through the online shopping sites we have to choose from, I am more than thrilled to add these to my favourites bar.

I always find that when I'm out shopping I always discover hidden gems in this store and now I don't even have to leave the house to get them!

With their range from Women's, Men's, Teenager's, Children, Accessories, Cosmetics and Footwear this is a loved and well known brand that is not only there for the well priced basics but for the chic work wear and cosy yet luxurious laid back items.

Here are some of the new collection pieces that are now available online for us to buy and drool over. Let's face it, what on earth took them so long.....

Top - £7.99

Top - £9.99

Top £14.99

Blouse £19.99

Jeans - £19.99

Poncho - £14.99

Top - £14.99

Coat - £34.99

Cardie - £7.99

Dress - £12.99

Belt - £14.99

Aviator - £24.99

Tunic - £14.99

Tights - £6.99

Shoes - £24.99
I think you will all agree that this is a pretty good start to their new online gadget!


  1. Oh no! Terrible news for my bank balance yet again another great store online and so easy to spend money :)

  2. ahhh i NEARLLY placed many of those items in your pictures but my card refussssed to move from my purse!! :*( next payday.....mwahahahah xxxx

  3. I know! It's slightly unfair that they bombared us with too many pretty things, payday next Monday, then Tuesday I shall be once again poor :[! Xxx

  4. I wanted allll these, and so much more! Im now following you btw :) xo

  5. Thanks Victoria, I'm following you too now, loved the look book of the week!