Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thee Olivia Palermo...


The locks, the clothes, the attitude, THE LOT!

I look precariously at so many celebs pictures, attempting to recreate their hair, make-up, clothes, THEIR LIFE, failing pretty much each time, making me feel pretty inadequate, but then when I see the odd picture of them with a huge sweat patch or the old cabbage in the tooth scenario, greasy hair, crack on show, any body part on show in fact, it makes me feel that tad bit better and think WOW THEY ARE NORMAL!

This girl is perfect, it's as if she is descended from heaven each morning, groomed by gods. I'm amazed by what she wears all the time. From the beginning Olivia had a very prim and proper style, which I think is still her signature look, however slowly but surely I am seeing more casual pictures of her, still working it and kind of making casual have a prim and proper side.

Not only is she the most wanted fashionistas everywhere at the moment, mainly due to her fabulous catty attitude on The City, but as I was flicking through the October 2010 Issue of Marie Claire, The Palermo is only modelling for Hogan :O!! Check her out below in the lush khaki number (SPOT ON YET AGAIN). Is there anything this dainty lass can't do, and yes she has a handsome model boyfriend. I'm not jealous, I swear!

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  1. She is perfect and makes me feel very ugly indeed! Have saved some of these pics to my inspiration folder :) x