Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The New Reality Celebs...

Our world has become full and obsessed with the whole 'reality show' saga. My statement sounds as if I mean it in a negative, but I assure you I don't. I live for reality shows and thank God for Sky+ otherwise Series Recording The Hills, The City, Pretty Wild, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (my list is endless), would stop me from watching these shows in awe.

Some shows get criticized due to the amount of drama that occurs, "it must be scripted" they say, quite frankly I don't care if it's scripted or not, IT IS BRILLIANT! As a true follower of The Hills, when I watched the last ever episode I was a tad confused as to whether or not the last 6 years of watching this little crew go out, grow up and do pretty much everything rich kids do, was all completely acted out, I gave my self 3 seconds before I thought, again, I don't care, I've loved every second of every episode!

These shows produce so many people who are now incredibly famous and some have gone on to do amazing things and stay normal, however some of these shows produce manufactured, plastic beings, i.e Heidi Montag. Again I find it hard to not love all these people because I just find them hilarious, even Spencer who was an evil genius, who then just turned into an insane crystal freak (who by the way now lives in the UK I hear, WHOOP, I pray we meet one day)! I do feel for Heidi thoug, as from the beginning she was a normal young American girl and to what she is like now is a completely different person from several years ago, sometimes that's normal, obviously I'm no longer at school studying and riding my roller blades outside anymore, but to think the Heidi who was once introduced to us on our screens years ago would undergo 10 surgeries in one day, I wouldn't have gueesed it. That is the price of fame for you, however I do believe that it doesn't turn all people into bubblegumpop freaks, instead these shows occasionally turn out, beautiful, elegant, down to earth, stylish beings, a la Lauren Conrad!

Now I could talk about this amazing woman for days on end. Not only is her style completely impeccable but as a person she is so nice! Throughout watching The Hills she came across friends who came and went, but she always made new ones, to this day I only think the genuine one was Whitney Port, I even had my doubts on Lo, but I could be wrong. Lauren has brought out a style book and a string of story books she has written herself. I would buy almost anything of hers, as I believe everything she picks just looks completely flawless. She would be one of the celebs that I would like to meet the most out of all my little obsessions! This/She is why I love all these reality shows, they have taken over our era and I think no matter how many shows are filmed, aired, viewed, as long as there is one person out of a pack of thousands that comes out and has done what Miss Conrad has done, then I am more than happy for our T.V screens to be taken over completely by them......well as long as The Hills is put on loop (not sure my Mum could stand their whingy voices)!


  1. I'm not the biggest fan of these shows, but I do like them, and as cheesy as the people are, you can't help but be interested in them. Lovely post. :)


  2. I totally know what you mean Jess, I get too hooked on them and slowly become obsessed lol.

    Checked out your blog, love it, wanted to comment on loads but it wouldn't let me :[ do you know why??